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Health tourism in Iran with Bazl Plus

Bazl Plus Health Tourism is one of the companies of Bazl Tau Group with the formation of a team of experienced managers and experts in the fields of medicine, tourism, software and marketing since 1398 and by creating a supply chain in the border terminals of Iran and neighboring cities. They are ready to provide quality services at reasonable and optimal rates to tourists and health tourists. Our health tourism services start with a free consultation before the arrival of the health tourist and continue with a full recovery after the end of the treatment period.

Vision of Bazel Plus Company

One of our most important goals is to organize the current situation in health tourism in Iran, to create tourist satisfaction and increase the level of GDP, and due to the importance of this issue, the implementation of this project has been supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage
Therefore, esteemed tourists from all over the world can confidently entrust all stages of their medical and tourism travel to the Basel Plus team, under the approval of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Iran.

Medical service package for health tourists

Tourism service package

Health tourism package

All managers, experts and executives of Basel Plus Health Tourism have made every effort to provide the best services to health tourists to see the highest level of satisfaction.

Medical Process


Provided Services in Basel Plus Health Tourism

medical services

medical services

Providing medical services and specialized consultations in the field of various cosmetic and general surgeries to domestic and foreign applicants and clients

Cooperation with experienced doctors and specialists in the most equipped hospitals and surgical clinics in different cities of Iran

Accompanying health clients and tourists from the beginning of treatment to the end of recovery

tourism services

tourism services

Providing recreational and tourism services to foreign and domestic clients in different cities of Iran

Introducing the best hotels and accommodation and eco-tourism

Accompanying applicants in various travel and sightseeing tours


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